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"Not just any Sneaker Whitener!" SHOE HEROS WHITENER TOOL is a specially designed and engineered product to "Elastically" resemble Premium sneaker and sports shoes materials.

Different from Traditional oil markers & general paints, SHOE HEROS is the tool for Sneakers & Sports shoes, made by engineers who developed sneakers for international sneaker brands.

If you have some Legendary Kicks or Favourite Sneakers that just don't quite pass for your shoes of the day anymore, this tool IS FOR YOU!

Shoe Heros Premium Sneaker Whitener shoe 2 Copy of shoe 5 shoe3 shoe6

*Not sold in stores*

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Boost and INSTANTLY renew shoes and sneakers with the Shoe Heros whiten tool! Combat yellowing, wear and tear on each of your sneakers & ADD lots of BONUS LIFE for your kicks today!

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The Elastic & Stretchable formula is engineered to match and mesh with your precious shoe materials where off the counter bleaches and oil markers may cause PERMANENT damage to your sports shoes and does not come close to how SHOE HEROS can instantly UPGRADE , RESTORE & WHITEN your shoes.

Quick and Easy application within 5 minutes give instant results Re-NEW & Protect your favourite shoes with extra shielding & scratch protection and waterproofing. 

Some Legendary Sneakers cannot be Replaced & Some of Our Favourite Sneakers just aren't ready to go! Give life to your shoes again! Re-Born Your Shoes Today!