1) Is this just like a regular "paint tool"? NO! It looks like a paint tool, but NO, we function very differently: the Elastic Bendable White Formula of the tool is designed and manufactured to resemble your shoe rubber materials, which specifically repairs & restores sneakers and sports shoes. Also for canvas shoes.

2) Why Can't I just use Bleach or Toothpaste? You can try to use bleach but you risk it damaging and permanently off coloring some shoe plastic materials and can also get really messy. Shoe Heros is effectively designed to target shoe materials, caps or handbags. Its elastic and also protects.

3) When and where does your order ship? We process our orders within 1-3 days, We have a warehouse in NJ for USA where we ship out our products, shipping times are less than 1 week, however, it depends on the availability of stock. Rest of the world shipping times are 7-20 days.

4) Does your product work on all shoes? Yes we generally work for all types of sports shoes. Especially designed for rubber areas and soles. Avoid using for white suede or fur tops.

5) Where are your products in Asia? We are branded under a well known name in Taiwan and Asia named "T-Fence" to differentiate from our marketing efforts, SHOE HEROS is exclusive for North America and Europe.

6) How many times can we use this on our sneakers? Our product has a shelf life of 3 years and has been tested to be used over +50 renewals on a sneaker.

7) What makes your product superior?
- We are effective to whiten basically any type of sneaker material without damaging the material
- Elastic formula is bendable and can protect your shoes from further scratches and is waterproof
- We repairs and drys off under 5 minutes after applying
- We are exclusively manufactured in Taiwan

8) How does it Apply and Whiten?
You can twist the cap to make sure the SHOE HEROS fluid is flowing and go over the areas you want to whiten with the brush tips (it's designed like a brush so u can get delicate & fine areas of shoes, the fluid inside the tool is delivered via the brushes just like the video.

9) What’s is in the liquid formula? Mixture of water, resin and emulsifier and white titanium dioxide, acrylate copolymer.